Bugatti Logo Meaning and History. How to use hood in a sentence. Find more ways to say hood, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. See 10 authoritative translations of Hood in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations. (It generally displays the word “Hood” or a picture of a car with its hood up.) See more ideas about car hood ornaments, hood ornaments, ornaments. A car hood is the metal part that covers the engine of an automobile. Learn more. under the hood: [adjective] a metaphorical area that contains the underlying implementation of something - e.g. a piece of hardware, a piece of software, an idea, etc. Ford Motor Company is proud to have one of the most recognizable corporate logos in the world, the one that has been used for most of the company’s history. Thus, a burning car symbolizes confession and the purification of the soul, deliverance from old habits and situations that poison your life.. What hood are you from? Italian-born Ettore Bugatti showed great interest in engineering and automotive industry since teenage years, worked for several manufacturers and by 1909 had enough experience and enthusiasm to found his own car-manufacturing company Automobiles E.Bugatti. History reveals that many hood ornaments were themed to reflect the most powerful (or modern) technology of the times—locomotives in the 1930s; airplanes, torpedoes & gunsights in the 1940s; and jet aircraft and rockets in the 1950s. You will have to look into the specific circumstances of your dream in order to fully understand your dream. To "pop the hood" means to open it up. Definition of hood in the Idioms Dictionary. HOME / Auto News / News / Warning signs to look for under the hood of a used car Considering the financial risk of a bad used car purchase, taking a half-hour to do these checks is well worth the time look under the hood phrase. Under the hood, a modern car looks nothing like the cars of a few years ago. To understand how it really works we need to look under the hood . This means that even though they all perform very similarly, they cannot be uninstalled from one make and model and then reinstalled in a different make and model. Let's now look under the hood to see how the software goes about transmitting data so quickly. The dream may also have a positive meaning. Find all about Car Logos, Car emblems and Car symbols and information about Car manufacturers, car logo Meanings. Can you identify them? What the hood open warning light means Largest Car Logos Encyclopedia on Internet over 3500 car manufacturers, 1250 car … Definition of look under the hood in the Idioms Dictionary. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Describing a person as 'hood" can be a positive compliment but describing someone as ghetto is usually derogatory. Due to this two step system, the hood will not fly open and block your vision if you accidently move the lever on the inside of the car. ... My car was making funny noises on the highway, so I've got a mechanic looking under the hood at the moment. Several decades ago, car hood ornaments were more than just emblems identifying car manufacturers—they were adornments that made bold statements. A front-end bra (also known by other terms such as car bra, bonnet bra, front-end cover, hood bra, auto bra, hood mask, car mask, etc.) Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Interestingly, hood is used by British English-speakers to refer to the waterproof cloth top covering the passenger compartment of a car or pram. If you dream that the hood of the car is damaged and you cannot close it, then it represents the emotional hurts you have experienced. Hood covers the important parts of a car such as an engine and transmission. In British terminology, hood refers to a fabric cover over the passenger compartment of the car (known as the 'roof' or 'top' in the US). The manufacturing process comprises the following steps: (1) blanking, (2) stretch forming, (3) trimming and punching, (4) deburring, (5) welding, (6) grinding, (7) painting, (8) baking, (9) polishing and waxing, and (10) coating. Adjective: Someone who is from an inner city and expresses the essence of urban culture. The hood latch mechanism in a car is a simple device. We used to street race out at Black Point when I was a dumb ass teenager. Hood - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. Ford Logo Meaning and History. The phrase is frequently used as the caption to an illustration of a car salesman and the buyer. Hood latches have two stages to lock them down — one lever inside the car and another at the latch itself to prevent the hood from opening unnecessarily. If you find a better source of hood ornament and radiator cap identification, share that source with me and everyone in the future that tries to figure out what they have by emailing me at [email protected] or using the comment function. Of course, "open the hood" and "open the trunk" are both OK, but "pop" is more casual and conversational-sounding. I am from the hood . Change your default dictionary to American English. Not to be confused with ghetto because a person can be hood but not ghetto at all. See more words with the same meaning… is a type of vinyl (usually black) cover that attaches to the front of a car or other vehicle to protect the bumper, hood, and sides of the fender from scratches.The inside of the bra is lined with a feltlike material. An enclosure that protects something, especially from above. In newer models, the hood release is often inside the vehicle, somewhere near the steering column or on the floor next to the driver’s seat. Translate Hood. hood: [noun] shortened form of "neighborhood." Car hood ornaments were quite the rage in the early days of motoring. hoot definition: 1. a short, loud, high sound: 2. the sound an owl makes 3. to make a short loud high sound: . Cutler Ridge (they renamed it to Cutler Bay now wtf) has been hood for a long time. (automotive, chiefly Britain) A soft top of a convertible car … The Classic Car Club of America states … By dreaming about you working under the hood, it means that you tend to hide your true feelings. Citation from "Dentist Tarese", Louie (TV), Season 1 Episode 10 (2010) blacked out to resolve Google's penalty against this site . You see them in your rear-view mirror all the time, but do you really know them? Synonyms and related words +-External parts of cars and other road vehicles. ... My car was making funny noises on the highway, so I've got a mechanic looking under the hood at the moment. The invention discloses a manufacturing process of a car hood, and relates to the field of car manufacturing. What Does White Smoke Coming From My Car Mean? Cars are so central to our lives, that a dream about a car can show a vast amount of different things relevant to your specific situation. Today, however, they have mostly been replaced by badges. What does look under the hood expression mean? Hood definition is - a flexible covering for the head and neck. Select from premium Vehicle Hood of the highest quality. See 2 authoritative translations of Car hood in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. Translate Car hood. White smoke coming from the engine is indicative of trouble within the engine. What does hood expression mean? Is it neighbourhood, or it's a slang for something else?. . A distinctively coloured fold of material, representing a university degree. Find the perfect Vehicle Hood stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. hood (plural hoods) A covering for the head attached to a larger garment such as a jacket or cloak. 2. Apr 24, 2018 - Old car hood ornaments are a forgotten art form. Another word for hood. Classic: The definition varies widely. If you’re feeling daring, lie down on the hood of the car, cover your bodies with a big blanket or towel, and get into scissor sex position. Often implies a ghetto or urban community. Terminology. Bonnet definition: The bonnet of a car is the metal cover over the engine at the front . Explanation of the English phrase "pop the hood (of a car)": The "hood" of a car is the flat part in front that covers the engine. hood phrase. In older models, the hood release is behind the grill or the bumper. What's the meaning of hood in this comment? Start your engine and let's go! Σύνθετοι τύποι: Αγγλικά: Ελληνικά: car hood (US), car bonnet (UK) n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. A car often represents how we control our lives. 2. This is the British English definition of hood.View American English definition of hood. Cabriolet: An early French term meaning folding top, or convertible. Although most cars are manufactured with similar hood release systems, they are individually designed for each make and model. The term car hood is a North American term, used primarily in America and Canada.Hood comes from the Old English word hod which means a hood, a soft covering for the head. Brougham: Commonly used to describe a car with a closed in passenger compartment behind an open driver's seat. The Spirit of Ecstasy was the icon that lived on, of course, also going by the name of Silver Lady or the Flying Lady. In many motor vehicles built in the 1930s and 1940s, the resemblance to an actual hood or bonnet is clear when open and viewed head-on; in modern vehicles it continues to serve the same purpose but no longer resembles a head covering. You can also "pop" the trunk of a car: Hey, can you pop the trunk? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Slaps Roof of Car is a popular phrasal template featuring a mock conversation between a car salesman and potential buy in which the salesman emphasizes the phrase "this bad boy can fit so much X in it" by slapping the roof of the car. Since this type of hood ornament was fashionable at the time, many Rolls-Royce owners took it upon themselves to affix their own personal figurines to the car, some of which were not necessarily befitting of a Rolls-Royce.