The maintenance costs of paving are fraction of those of premix asphalt. Proposed location for setting up a pre-fabricated construction blocks manufacturing unit largely depends on the availability of raw material and its transportation to the factory at low cost. Developing contacts with the building material suppliers, well known builders and contractors. Heavy industrial loading is applied to the surface. The pressure is then rapidly vented, which causes the blocks to quickly release their trapped moisture. Shrinkage: Concrete masonry units shrink slightly after manufacture. Some manufacturing plants produce only concrete blocks, while others may produce a wide variety of pre-fabricated concrete products including blocks, flat paver stones, and decorative landscaping pieces such as lawn edging, etc. Single mold is used which lays only one block at a time. If testing is impracticable or unaffordable, block strength should be continually assessed by noting whether corners and edges, or even whole blocks, tend to break in handling. 29.2 million. Determination of level of demand for blocks in the area (how many per month) and degree of competition from other block yards are important factors having a significant bearing on the feasibility of the venture. 10,000; Garment Tailor – Business starting cost Rs. Admixture chemicals and coloring pigments may also be added at this time. Therefore if one bag= 300 ,then u require 480000. The usage is not limited to the above mentioned areas. Moreover, construction and allied industries produce environmental pollution which may cause bronchial diseases to the people and hence are preferred to be setup at a distance, in dedicated industrial zones in major cities of Pakistan. Pavers are made of Stone chips, crush Gravels, Stone Dust, Sand and Cement at different proportions. In addition, for the building of roads, flyovers, bypasses and dams, there is a mass and consistent need of pre-fabricated blocks across the country. However, the height can vary and should be monitored using a simple gauge. One type, called a planetary or pan mixer, resembles a shallow pan with a lid. Low quality Chinese cement is also available in the local market which has been declared substandard for consumption by PSQCA. Large production machines require a minimum slab thickness of 150 mm. Similarly hollowness results in sound insulation. Following are few advantages of Kerbstone: Construction sector is one of the largest economic sectors of Pakistan in terms of employment. Block making has a significant position in the construction process particularly in the housing sector where prefabricated blocks are used extensively with more than 40% of the total structure of the building. Sir, I want to start cement brick and concrete block making business at madhya pradesh dist.Rewa COUNTRY INDIA. Laying of blocks is much quicker because of the uniformity of end product. Kerbstones are made of Stone chips, crush Gravels, Stone Dust, Sand and Cement at different proportions depending on application. Steam is then gradually introduced to raise the temperature at a controlled rate of not more than 60°F per hour (16°C per hour). Strength: Quality of blocks should be controlled so that strengths are adequate (to avoid breakages or rejection by customers) and mixes are as economical as possible. The production of concrete blocks consists of four basic processes: mixing, molding, curing, and cubing. The pallet and blocks are pushed out of the machine and onto a chain conveyor. Therefore, a block manufacturing unit could be established at any time of the year. Saving in mortar for lying of blocks as compared to ordinary brick and blocks. At the time of independence in 1947, only one or two units were producing grey cement in the country. Generally it depends on the use of block which varies from product to product. The proposed setup would require three to four vehicles (new machinery has been considered for the proposed project) to carryout transportation of raw material and finished products. The usage now is not limited to the above mentioned areas. Hundreds of such setups could be seen in each area of the country where these setups are fulfilling the local housing construction demand of blocks of three different sizes and strengths depending upon the individual requirements of the customer. Aggregates used are mostly derived from solid rock, which is crushed or has been broken down by weathering. Some survey indicates that the period of time before an overlay is required may vary between 7 and 15 years. Ideally therefore, aggregates should be stockpiled on a concrete slab. Rather, start trading as a business from the get-go by opening up a Business Current Account. This sector is gradually shrinking and now operating on a very small scale in the low income areas where concrete based structure is scarce. construction of road side pave ways, garage parking floorings, walls making, block paved driveways, and floor coverings of commercial buildings, etc. The start-up costs of a new business include the initial funds for purchase of equipment and supplies and enough money to pay the overhead of the company until a positive cash flow can be developed. Therefore, their operations are limited and usually work on the basis of area to area demand. DEWAN CEMENT: It holds an ISO 9001:2008 certificate. When a rack is full, it is rolled onto a set of rails and moved into a curing kiln. The following documents are required before you begin application: A copy of the certificate of company registration from the CAC (Corporate Affairs Corporation) A scanned copy of the bank reference letter A detailed application letter to become a credible distributor Proposed Product Mix include: Solid Blocks, Hollow Blocks, Pavers and Kerbstones. Installation Components Required for Concrete Block Production Machinery. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Revenue of Cement Sector Pakistan cement sector continued to deliver double profitability growth as it grows by 13% to Rs.46.6 Billion in the fiscal year ended June 30,2016. The reason is the demand which is spread all over the country, though is concentrated around developed cities and towns i.e. From the hopper, the concrete is conveyed to another hopper on top of the block machine at a measured flow rate. Specialist advice should be sought on best pigments to use to obtain the required color and their dosage. In the event of changes or renovations being made in the paved area, any reclaimed blocks are not wasted, but may be used elsewhere. Three reasons why you should switch to Veganism? Water fit to drink is normally suitable. The best way to store cement is in a silo. The successful block yard must however make blocks of uniform quality and sell them at a price high enough to cover costs and make a reasonable profit. Pre-fabricated construction blocks or other products are heavy; hence there are limited opportunities for export due to high cost of transportation. To minimize breakages in cold weather, it is recommended to increase the cement content of the mix or the curing period before moving the blocks. No wonder, India's cement industry is a vital part of its economy, providing employment to more than a million people, directly or indirectly. Start your business without any investment in Pakistan by availing this innovative and most profitable business idea of 2020. you can apply for dealership even if you are not already running any business in same line. If the plant is located in a climate subject to temperature extremes, the water may first pass through a heater or chiller to regulate its temperature. As far as PSI is concerned, no defined standard could be found; however, 400 PSI is normal in this sector. As the premix asphalt surface layer makes up approx. For the purpose of calculation only three products which are mostly sold in Pakistan are taken. As many as 15 blocks may be molded at one time. The agriculture sector has four sub-sectors including crops, livestock, fisheries, and forestry. ALL PAKISTAN CEMENT MANUFACTURER ASSOCIATION APCMA is the apex body of the cement manufacturers of Pakistan. Strength can also be assessed by knocking two mature bricks together. Mineral Water Shop – Starting business cost Rs. Contractors for lying of roads and construction of industries. An office should be provided for all but the smallest of yards. Production capacity of the plant for the proposed pre-fabricated construction blocks manufacturing unit would be 35,000 blocks of different shapes and categories per day. These cubes are carried outside with a forklift and placed in storage. An experienced operator can judge the amount of water required in the particular concrete. To avoid its harmful effect on human health, it is suggested to follow guidelines provided by the provincial agency of environment protection. After loading the vehicle he hands it over it to the order booker and here ends the role of the block maker. The Portland cement is stored outside in large vertical silos to protect it from moisture. Construction sector has been registered with a growth rate of 7.05 percent. Cement may be stored in paper bags but protected from any deterioration or in silos. Proposed location for setting up a pre-fabricated construction blocks making unit largely depends on the availability of raw material and its transportation to the factory at low cost; however, factors like availability of manpower, utilities and easy access to the target markets should also be carefully examined. Pipes should either be protected or insulated, or water should be stored when cool for subsequent use. Aggregates must be stockpiled in such a way that: they do not become contaminated by soil, leaves, etc; different aggregates are kept separate; and rainwater can drain away. Main production material components include: cement and sand/crushed stone. However, since it is an allied industry of the construction sector, growth in construction sector may be considered as a close proxy for the growth in pre-fabricated construction blocks sector which is 7.05%. Booking agent gets the payment in cash (mostly) and issues an order / delivery slip to the customer, showing order details. The most common type is a low-pressure steam kiln. As a production run starts, the required amounts of sand, gravel, and cement are transferred by gravity or by mechanical means to a weigh batcher, which measures the proper amounts of each material. Customers usually send someone or personally go to the booking office and place the order which includes details indicating quantity, quality, size and time of delivery etc. When the curing temperature has been reached, the steam is shut off, and the blocks are allowed to soak in the hot, moist air for 12-18 hours. In this type, the temperature is raised to 300-375°F (149-191°C), and the pressure is raised to 80-185 psi (5.5-12.8 bar). Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Hyderabad, Sialkot etc. A new person can also contact to start the business, i.e. Block making results in persistent exposure to the asbestos (due to dust emission), which is a natural fiber found in the dust particles of cement and blocks. This risk can be minimized by making long term supply contracts with the cement manufacturers which is a common practice of large scale industrial consumers of cement. I am assuming you intend to establish a cement manufacturing mill/plant, and be a part of the larger industry. Pakistan: Lucky Cement recorded a profit of US$13.8m in the first quarter of the 2021 financial year, which begun on 1 July 2020, up by 130% year-on-year from US$5.95m in the first quarter of the 2020 financial year. The other type is called a horizontal drum mixer. The site should have provision for stockpiling aggregates and storing cement, a production area, a stacking area, staff facilities, an office, and access between different areas and facilities. Normally block production is carried out in the open, and the concrete slab should have a minimum slope of 1 in 100 to ensure proper drainage. The autoclave curing process requires more energy and a more expensive kiln, but it can produce blocks in less time. In effort to ensure distribution of cement in different regions of Pakistan the company always seeks for credible distributors nationwide in order to become our dealer the person should have good amount of experience in the field and also have a strong financial background. After soaking, the blocks are dried by exhausting the moist air and further raising the temperature in the kiln. Traditional construction has been relying on hand made bricks rather than concrete block which have been a high cost option while selecting material for the house construction both in urban and rural areas of the country. Draw linkages with material suppliers to the housing industry at town level. Establish contacts with local civil engineering firms, individuals and professionals. To avoid muddy conditions, a layer of concrete stone, about 100 mm thick, should be enough. Standard weight blocks are usually cured at a temperature of 150-165°F (66- 74°C), while lightweight blocks are cured at 170-185°F (77-85°C). Pakistan cement exporters are putting pressure on their government to convince SA to overturn the existing anti-dumping duty on imported cement from that country. In order to avoid this happening in the wall, blocks should be allowed to dry out for at least seven days before being used for construction. Some of the marketing promotion activities which should duly be rendered are given below: Concrete can be molded in numerous shapes and sizes. Cement suppliers could also be one of the sources for sand and crush supply reference. The pre-fabricated construction blocks manufacturing sector can be divided into three categories: Organized sector constitutes few major players in Karachi: Envicrete Private Limited, Hubcrete, Izhar Paver Blocks and Crete N Crete Private Limited. It is estimated that Karachi alone has a daily demand of 0.5 million prefabricated construction blocks. In the Pre-fabricated construction blocks industry, the role of the middle man is played by building material suppliers at a nominal margin of 1% to 2% of the order booked. You don't set up a Industry. Aggregates must not be stockpiled under trees. How To Start A Mini Cement Plant. Economy in design of sub-structure due to reduction of loads. The interlocking action of pavers facilitates far better load distribution than the premix asphalt. If this is not done, the layer of aggregates in contact with the soil should not be used for production. However, as there are variety of concrete based pre-fabricated construction blocks, cost will largely depend on the selection of block types, which are as follows: Raw material to be used for the production of concrete based block is available in the local market at reasonable price. This risk can be minimized by making long term supply contracts with the cement manufacturers which is a common practice of large scale industrial consumers of cement. Patterns, lines and images may be built into the paving. Safety features which are particular to paving include: For these reasons, paving is usually the preferred material where the following conditions apply: Furthermore, it is known that asphalt surfaces need to be overlaid after some years of use. 10,000/- to 20,000/-; Selling of bakery product only – Business Starting cost Rs. The critical considerations or factors for success of the project are: The proposed project envisages the setup of a pre-fabricated construction blocks manufacturing unit. The size of this area depends on the method of producing blocks. Terracing a steep slope is expensive. Ideally, blocks should be regularly tested for strength and mixes and production processes modified if necessary. However, for the purpose of this pre-feasibility, we have focused on the manufacturing setups where various types of blocks are manufactured with the help of automatic or semi-automatic plant and machinery. Keep up to date information on civil and construction works initiated by local, provincial and central government. Paving Blocks are used for the pathways neighborhood, pedestrian, walkways in the garden and house carport yard. Most block machines also use a short burst of mechanical vibration to further aid compaction. These procedures do not particularly apply on the block manufacturing industry, rather, a standard material, product and process handling guidelines applicable to construction and allied industries are available on the website: Then comes the cost estimation based on various methods of production and output. The factory would be located at any industrial areas in major cities of Pakistan. The maximum joint spacing depends on the thickness of the slab and should not exceed 6 m for slab thicknesses of 150 and 200 mm. Therefore, we have selected Indonesian machinery for the proposed project which gives good quality output and is relatively more economical. Construction blocks industry is an important industrial sector, producing blocks used as prefabricated material for various construction activities i.e. Pre-fabricated construction blocks business is dependent on the pricing and margins given to builders, suppliers and retail customers. If the blocks are to be made into split-face blocks, they are first molded as two blocks joined together. Installed capacity is 11.5 million blocks per anum and initial capacity utilization is 50% with 5% increase in subsequent years up to the maximum capacity utilization of 70%. A mobile “egg-laying” machine needs a fairly large slab on which blocks are made. Drainage channels may be built into the design with paving. Askari Cement has nurtured extensive dealer network of its operations throughout the country, the company maintains excellent relations with all dealers offering attractive returns on the Cement sales ensuring prosperity to each one of them. Conventional Order Booking Arrangements – Distribution As we have discussed earlier, pre-fabricated construction blocks is one of the allied sectors of construction industry. Once the load of concrete is thoroughly mixed, it is dumped into an inclined bucket conveyor and transported to an elevated hopper. In this type, the blocks are held in the kiln for one to three hours at room temperature to allow them to harden slightly. In some operations, the blocks then pass under a rotating brush which removes loose material from the top of the blocks. Its two plants located in Karachi (1982) and … In selecting a site, consider location, access, ground slope and size. After the dry materials are blended, a small amount of water is added to the mixer. Therefore it would be preferred to acquire own machinery rather than obtaining these services on rent. India is the second largest producer of cement in the world. Volatility in cement prices is the biggest threat while working in construction industry. Housing construction purpose block has a normal PSI of 400 and pavers are manufactured with 5000 PSI strength. In hot weather, water flowing in black pipes subject to direct sunlight can become excessively hot and cause rapid loss of workability of the concrete. This is the amount that needs to be added at present costs if an asphalt overlay is required over the life of the asphalt pavement. The concrete is then mixed for six to eight minutes. This article contains a few secrets to improve your startup process. The following steps are commonly used to manufacture concrete blocks: Three aspects should be monitored to ensure quality masonry units: strength, dimensions and shrinkage. All you have to do is plan … Pre-fabricated construction blocks making units across the country are working mostly as unorganized sector (about 80%) and no reliable data is available, precisely, for the installed capacity and the number of units working etc. The seven plus growth in this sub-sector is due to rapid execution of work on various projects, increased investment in small scale construction and rapid implementation of development schemes and other projects of federal and provincial governments. Bags should be stacked on a plastic tarpaulin or on closely spaced wooden strips so that they do not absorb damp from the floor. The liners determine the outer shape of the block and the inner shape of the block cavities. Machinery for the project which will cost around Rs. A block maker when setting up a block yard, institutes contacts with the construction material suppliers, retailers and signup a contract in order to appoint them as order booking agents. Mixing blades are attached to a vertical rotating shaft inside the mixer. A stationary machine, which forms blocks on pallets, needs a relatively small area with space around it for operators. Concrete based construction is comparatively new phenomena and historically has been employed in the urban areas where technology and machinery was introduced due to mass demand of building material and comparatively high average income. The blocks are allowed to soak for five to 10 hours. Starting stock – Ksh500,000 (200 bags of cement, 100 pieces of steel bars among others) Rent & Deposit – Ksh50,000 (May vary) Single Business Permit; KRA ETR Machine; Other Minor Requirements; The minimum starting budget for this SME would be Ksh700,000. Cement Plant Location Information for Pakistan. Water in concrete makes the fresh concrete workable and reacts with the cement to give strength to the concrete; its quality is important. Cement industry plays a very important role in the economic development of Pakistan. The blocks are pushed off the steel pallets, and the empty pallets are fed back into the block machine to receive a new set of molded blocks. feet. Factors which influence unit cost include: Blocks making business depends on activity and movement in construction industry. Types of cement Portland cement: These are commonly used in civil engineering projects, industrial and commercial buildings, and in residential construction. The seven plus growth in this sub-sector is due to rapid execution of work on various projects, increased investment in small scale construction and rapid implementation of development schemes and other projects of federal and provincial governments. The kiln is an enclosed room with the capacity to hold several racks of blocks at a time. Therefore, all raw material suppliers to the construction industry are considered to be the part of the distribution network for the pre-fabricated construction blocks. Investment Required to Start Construction Block Business in Pakistan 02 January 2019. These are increasingly been used because of their strength and innumerable different shape, sizes and colors. The storeroom should be big enough to hold at least a week’s supply of cement. Cement in bags should preferably be stored in a weather-proof room. Standard blocks are generally available in the sizes of 8”x8”x16”, 6”x8”x16” and 4”x8”x16”. roads, water, sewerage, electricity, etc. Paving is more resistant to wear than premix asphalt. Once these double blocks are cured, they pass through a splitter, which strikes them with a heavy blade along the section between the two halves. Bulk deliveries typically account for around 30% of the total annual sales. The maintenance costs of Kerbstones are low. It also depends on efficient supply of blocks to the customer and transportation facilities provided to the prospective clients, retailers and order booking agents. Standard blocks are generally available in the sizes of 6”x8”x12”, 5”x8”x12” and 4”x8”x12”. They significantly affect the cost and quality of the final product and the ease with which the products are manufactured and finished. These are used in different ways on Highways also. If stored in tanks, the water should be protected from low temperatures, as this affects the setting time of the concrete and its rate of gain of strength. This should be considered in relation to: The site must be accessible to trucks delivering aggregates and cement and collecting finished blocks. Each unit =400 bag. Buyer hires a truck or loading vehicle and goes to the block yard, where he produces the order slip (in local term called perchi) to the person responsible for the physical delivery of the blocks. The blocks pass through a cuber which aligns each block and then stacks them into a cube three blocks across by six blocks deep by three or four blocks high. Besides, dumping and loading vehicles for the transportation of finished product to the stacking points would be a pre-requisite. Such blocks are easily breakable; therefore they are generally not preferred even by the customers who have very limited capital to invest in house construction. Machinery is expected to be serviced on an annual basis. It is normally not necessary to pave this area. Availability of services, i.e. Cement should preferably be batched by mass, either using a full 50 kg bag or weighing each batch of cement either from a silo or opened bags. This sector mainly includes block yards where hand operated mechanical machines are used to make concrete blocks which lay six and above blocks at a time. The final choice of pigment and appropriate dosage will be made on the visual examination of dry concrete in which the pigment has been used. The pavers have advantages over asphalt. Pakistan has inexhaustible reserves of limestone and clay, which can support the industry for another 60 years. The site should be big enough for aggregate stockpiles, cement storage, production (slab or stationary machine) block stacking, staff facilities, an office and on-site access. The proposed project envisages the setup of a Pre-fabricated Construction Blocks manufacturing unit. In general, aggregates should consists of clean, hard, strong, dimensionally stable and durable particles free from clay coatings or foreign materials (especially organic matter) that may interfere with the normal strength development of the cement. The market scope for prefabricated construction blocks is found to be encouraging in local market with the increased demand from construction industry. There are two types of mixers commonly used. Recently a close relative of mine started a hollow block and fly ash brick manufacturing unit, so I think I'm qualified to answer this question The major expense is for the land in which you are planning to set up. Talking about Pakistan, the cement industry in Pakistan has come a long way since independence when the country had less than half a million tons per annum production capacity. Make a realistic estimate of the total funds that will be needed, and identify the source of those funds. It resembles a coffee can turned on its side and has mixing blades attached to a horizontal rotating shaft inside the mixer. A flat concrete slab, big enough for at least one day’s production, is required. All sources of these aggregates preferably be checked to see they are of adequate quality. Pakistan ranks as number 43-44 among the countries of the world in nominal GDP, ... Other major industries include cement… Thinking about opening a cement business? The agriculture sector in Pakistan accounts for 20.9 percent of GDP and 43.5 percent of employment, the sector has strong backward and forward linkages. » Cement News » Challenges to grow in 2019 for Pakistan cement sector Challenges to grow in 2019 for Pakistan cement sector. Aggregates that do not have a reliable service performance record should be tested in a laboratory. Insulation of walls is achieved due to cavity, which provides energy saving for all times. Cement Manufacturing Industry. Pre-fabricated construction blocks producers also book direct orders at site office for the construction contractors, retail customers and builders on phone and supply directly to the identified delivery points; however, these types of facilities are provided only for bulk orders. Learn how your comment data is processed. There is also a sufficient demand from Govt. Pigments may be used to coloring concrete products. A number of Pakistan cement companies have shown poor financial performance in 1HFY19, due to a combination of factors, including dwindling local demands and the rising cost of production. Than so please give suggestion and which machinery required and how much amount require than the capacity of plant around 5000 to 7000 bricks daily or per day.9770221426. During the discussions with the market experts and entrepreneurs, it was observed that, though the above machinery/vehicle could also be hired on rent, yet, the incremental cost difference between rented and purchased machinery would be very close over a long period of time. 7. When we receive an application of dealership first of all our area manager visits the area and analyzes the business situation there and also checks the credentials of the applicant in the market, then the area manager reports his findings to the company and if the applicant satisfies our requirements then he is offered a dealership with the company. In the manufacturing industry, marketing is considered to be of significant importance. Finishing off around trees, etc., may be made with a header course, which is both attractive and practical. In the block machine, the concrete is forced downward into molds. Dosages should not exceed 7% of the mass of cement. Paint on finished walls can be applied due to cavity, which provides energy saving for all times. This compaction may be supplemented by air or hydraulic pressure cylinders acting on the mold head. Product quality is defined in PSI (per square inch pressure) which a block can survive.

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