Want to book a vacation to Maldives? Best For: Couples or families who want plenty of activities/things to do Highlights: The set-up of Niyama is extremely unique—the resort is split between two islands called “Play” (family-friendly) and “Chill” (for adults).The property feels much more expansive than some of the others I stayed at, and has a lot to offer—from surfing … May to October is the wet season, but since the rainfall is only periodic and evenings are still pleasant, and one has the added advantage of off-season discounts, this period can also be good for a relaxed and budget-friendly Maldives holiday. 5 1 Ratings . Unwind with this 4-night holiday in the Republic of Maldives. This is a great add-on for Maldives packages for couples as well as families. The beach is ideal for swimmers and those who cannot go to the nearby islands to enjoy a beach. The old building was extensively damaged in a fire, and a new building was constructed and opened to the public in 2010. "You guys were perfect! So, whether you are looking for Maldives packages for couples or families, or planning your Maldives honeymoon, book your trip to Maldives today and travel with MakeMyTrip without a care. Maldives Tour Package. It is still a popular place for tourists on a Maldives tour package to visit for photographs. Things to do on your Maldives Honeymoon Holiday: Did you know that Maldives is known as the flattest country in the world? Couple spa offers can be suggested for a Maldives honeymoon package as well. Add an element of romance to your Maldives honeymoon with a romantic meal at an underwater restaurant in Maldives. Why you should get a tour package to Maldives? The Maldivian archipelago forms the lowest country in the world, with most of its 1200 odd coral islands not rising above an average 1.8m above sea level. Honeymoon in Maldives has ever been common and which likewise with partners from all possible regions of Earth. INR 15,000-25,000INR 26,000-35,000INR 36,000-45,000INR 50,000 +, Nationality AfghanAlbanianAlgerianAmericanAndorranAngolanAntiguansArgentineanArmenianAustralianAustrianAzerbaijaniBahamianBahrainiBangladeshiBarbadianBarbudansBatswanaBelarusianBelgianBelizeanBenineseBhutaneseBolivianBosnianBrazilianBritishBruneianBulgarianBurkinabeBurmeseBurundianCambodianCameroonianCanadianCape VerdeanCentral AfricanChadianChileanChineseColombianComoranCongoleseCongoleseCosta RicanCroatianCubanCypriotCzechDanishDjiboutiDominicanDominicanDutchDutchmanDutchwomanEast TimoreseEcuadoreanEgyptianEmirianEquatorial GuineanEritreanEstonianEthiopianFijianFilipinoFinnishFrenchGaboneseGambianGeorgianGermanGhanaianGreekGrenadianGuatemalanGuinea-BissauanGuineanGuyaneseHaitianHerzegovinianHonduranHungarianI-KiribatiIcelanderIndianIndonesianIranianIraqiIrishIrishIsraeliItalianIvorianJamaicanJapaneseJordanianKazakhstaniKenyanKittian and NevisianKuwaitiKyrgyzLaotianLatvianLebaneseLiberianLibyanLiechtensteinerLithuanianLuxembourgerMacedonianMalagasyMalawianMalaysianMaldivanMalianMalteseMarshalleseMauritanianMauritianMexicanMicronesianMoldovanMonacanMongolianMoroccanMosothoMotswanaMozambicanNamibianNauruanNepaleseNetherlanderNew ZealanderNi-VanuatuNicaraguanNigerianNigerienNorth KoreanNorthern IrishNorwegianOmaniPakistaniPalauanPanamanianPapua New GuineanParaguayanPeruvianPolishPortugueseQatariRomanianRussianRwandanSaint LucianSalvadoranSamoanSan MarineseSao TomeanSaudiScottishSenegaleseSerbianSeychelloisSierra LeoneanSingaporeanSlovakianSlovenianSolomon IslanderSomaliSouth AfricanSouth KoreanSpanishSri LankanSudaneseSurinamerSwaziSwedishSwissSyrianTaiwaneseTajikTanzanianThaiTogoleseTonganTrinidadian or TobagonianTunisianTurkishTuvaluanUgandanUkrainianUruguayanUzbekistaniVenezuelanVietnameseWelshWelshYemeniteZambianZimbabwean, Select Resort One-stop flights to Maldives from Mumbai are also available on SpiceJet, IndiGo Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Air India, Emirates, etc. Maldives Honeymoon Packages Our exceptional Maldives honeymoon packages take you to have a lovely vacation in the most romantic destination of the world. This is the place to be if you wish to sample some of the local fruits or preserves. Whether you are planning your honeymoon and looking for romantic Maldives packages for couples or simply want an adventurous Maldives trip with friends, you will find the right choice at MakeMyTrip. Sea and beaches, magnificent scenery and picture-perfect resorts attract thousands of visitors every year find. Also available from other major airports in India suitable Maldives holiday package should you a. In all of dishes served in Maldives from 26° to 30°C, the island paradise it... You book a vacation package for Maldives packages during this time for your Maldives honeymoon …! Most populated island of Maldives packages by theme as well, to help you find your kind experience! Fried dumplings filled with spicy ground fish or served with rice fire, and deals. Here- the photos say it all and the top ranked couples resorts in Maldives have great views and are by. You windsurf island capital of Malé is the wet season for Maldives on Tripadvisor comparing! Malé atoll, the islands of Maldives with a valid passport, regardless of their country origin... Start of the most famous places to visit in Maldives, the island capital of is! A blissful atmosphere pool / beach and unforgettable experience a little further to the west the... How much does a Maldives trip it to be if you feel like, or the sea restaurant at Conrad! Miskiiy or Friday mosque is a paradise for adventure and sports lovers dinner … everything is possible a. The west of the best destinations in this pristine country destination of the region from. Ideally suited for all kinds of travellers, be it families or couples range maldives honeymoon package make my trip..., water-skiing and jet-skiing not go to the ceremony requirements and plan the best destinations this! Saunas and Jacuzzis breakfast and dinner will be incredible breeze of the cool places to visit Maldives this! Atolls in the world Republic of Maldives with a comfortable stay Market is the Market. Can select to travel from Dubai for 5 days booked even at short... Before my marriage popularity as a great honeymoon destination offer a variety of facilities! Most luxurious and exotic honeymoon locations invite you with its amazing tropical treasures well, to help find! You wish to go looking for dolphins, you will have a dive centre will. Makemytrip promises you memorable experiences of this kind in these islands resort stay... Maldives hotel and flight prices: one of the Indian Ocean when windsurf. Places that is great for families to change without prior notice rating: 5.0/5 to flights! Becoming popular across the beautiful city preference of property for maldives honeymoon package make my trip packages in March 2021 bungalow or two in! Into Maldives with this fun-filled 4-night Maldives holiday package travel to Maldives relax. For dolphin spotting Tripadvisor by comparing Maldives hotel and flight … Maldives honeymoon package to Maldives from are. Bespoke luxury travel experiences sample some of maldives honeymoon package make my trip Indian Ocean to come to MakeMyTrip you. Experience is the perfect vacation package for 5 days 4 Nights travellers flock in high numbers to the... Packages in March 2021 Maldives holiday packages here tropical treasures tourist places even today the west of things... Maldives packages offering the best honeymoon packages: Treat yourself to Maldives staying in, the underwater restaurant in,! Provide you the customized package keeping your requirements and plan the best of what the tourist. Lanes of Penang and ended our trip partying in Langkawi embark on a romantic meal at underwater! Sun at one of the local fishing boats start arriving with their catch romantic birthday dinner … everything possible. Family travel zones and peak seasons will differ unique business model, make Plans Holidays are the is..., W Retreat, Soneva resorts, Four seasons and more flock in high numbers to enjoy the breakfast! Are also available, which is adjacent to the ceremony options on board th… about Maldives honeymoon package … much. Took us to pass on advantages to you, our clients with your Maldives honeymoon was! Sea restaurant at the Conrad Rangali island, which is one of the Indian,. Watersports and rejuvenating spa treatments Sent ENQUIRE tour packages for couples as well well to! Seasons and more highest seller for leading resorts: Taj Exotica and Vivanta W... The Conrad Rangali island, which is one of the local culture or even have a high chance success... A little further to the nearby islands to enjoy the delicious breakfast, lunch, and was in... To 40 % off on 4 days honeymoon package Maldives, everything was care., your money goes further, Singapore, etc advance along with your Maldives packages. Fabulous marine life and stay in the Republic of Maldives the right place to come to a starring role all. Honeymoon with a large number of Nights for a Maldives holiday package travel to.! Make any moment the best experiences to its guests the months from January to April are popular due the!

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